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Patricia Law FJVA

Patricia Law, FGA, DGA, FJVA is an independent registered valuer providing valuations for Insurance, Inheritance Tax and Market Sales throughout Kent, London and surrounding areas.

Tonbridge JVA Registered Valuer ®


Patricia Law, FGA, DGA, FJVA, FIRV began her career at Phillips Auctioneers in Bond Street, London in 1985, subsequently Bonhams.  Having spent 30 years in the auction world she established her own Independent Jewellery business providing valuations for Insurance, Inheritance Tax and Market Sales. Whilst maintaining her links in the auction world by consulting for several leading auction houses, she is also an accredited lecturer for the Arts Society. 

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tel 07496 067698

Mineral & Gemstone Carvings

An evening with renowned International expert Dr. Çiğdem Lüle

As a jewellery valuer I have mainly concentrated on polished and facetted gems - whether they be the main focus or part of the show, but always set into jewels that can be worn. This presentation reminded us to go back, to look and appreciate the qualities and beauty of the original minerals themselves' Find out what else I discovered about this fascinating subject ...