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About the JVA

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Why choose a JVA Registered Valuer®?

JVA Registered Valuers are the pinnacle of professional jewellery valuers in the UK, Ireland and around the world, providing thoroughly researched and justifiable jewellery valuations to the general public, insurance industry and legal profession, with skill and credibility.


Insurance Valuations

Next to your house and car, your precious jewellery is probably the greatest asset you will possess. It is important to ensure that you have the necessary insurance cover in place; this can only be achieved by having an accurate, well researched professional valuation on your valuables.

Your insurer may offer you cover without a valuation but if the worst happens and you need to make a claim, will you be able to answer all the questions they will inevitably ask you?


Inheritance Tax Assessment (Probate) Valuations

Jewellery valuations for Inheritance Tax Assessment may be required by HM Revenue & Customs to determine the level of duty payable following a death of a person. These valuations must be prepared in accordance with Section 160 of the Inheritance Tax Assessment Act 1984 and require a different skill set to those required for insurance valuations. All JVA Registered Valuers are expertly qualified to provide all types of valuation services.


Qualifications and Code of Practice

All JVA Registered Valuers have undergone rigorous training to gain their qualifications and must follow a strict code of practice when carrying out valuations. Fellows and Members must also keep up to date with the continually changing market, including gemstone treatments, synthetic gems and diamonds, hallmarking laws and the evolution of watch brands; this is achieved through ongoing training together with a stringent continuing professional development plan every year, ensuring that the high standards of the JVA are always adhered to. 

Our members are trained to follow recognised principles of professional valuation practice to ensure that their valuation conclusions are fully researched, evidence-based and wholly justifiable, so that when you come to rely on a valuation report, you can do so in the total confidence that it is fully grounded on the Jewellery Valuers Association's Principles of Good Practice - Your Expert Valuation Specialists.

All JVA Registered Valuers are required to have the relevant insurance cover for the type of work they undertake.

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By employing the services of a member of the Jewellery Valuers Association, you are guaranteed the highest level of professional integrity and a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Join the JVA and stand out from the crowd.

The Jewellery Valuers Association (JVA) is the only independent organisation in the UK and Ireland specifically for professional jewellery and watch valuers including specialists in their fields 

"Joining the JVA has been a pivotal decision in starting my valuation career. From being welcomed into a group of incredible professional valuers, who have been generous in sharing their time and expertise, to the world class educational opportunities offered both at conference and the student support group, membership has proved an invaluable investment in my own development."

Melissa Lee-Patrick FGA DGA